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Subject: ODF Adoption TC Call - July 18, 2006 - Minutes

Roll Call

Don Harbison, IBM
Rob Weir, IBM
Martha Mealy, IBM
Erwin Tenhumberg, Sun Microsystems
Gary Edwards, ODF Foundation
Charles Schulz, Ars Arpeta
Louis Suarez-Potts, Individual (OpenOffice.org)
Bo Yan, Beijing Sursen International
J. David Eisenberg, ODF Foundation
Carol Geyer, OASIS

Acceptance of minutes
The minutes from the meeting on 11th July 2006 were not balloted due to lack of quorum. Unfortunately, a quorum was reached later into the meeting time, but due to several members requesting a shortened meeting no ballot was taken. It is suggested here that the committee ballot the minutes of July 11 and July 18 during the July 25th meeting.

OpenOffice.org CON (Charles, Erwin, Louis...)
Charles informed the members that OpenOffice.org conference planners have determined the agenda and plan to notify the individuals whose abstracts were accepted in the near future. The agenda will be published soon on the Web and in parallel, the organizers are working with INSA to print the conference brochures ahead of the summer vacation period.

An ODF panel/roundtable has been defined for Wednesday morning, Sep. 13. Details regarding the participants will be published soon on the OpenOffice.org site.

Novell CIO is speaking on Novell's experience using OpenOffice across its enterprise.

Google is also speaking although the subject was not defined.

Progress on deliverables  ....all
The committee members were urged to set deadlines for populating the KnowledgeBase for the new ODF Focus Area on xml.org. Some members agreed to submit their content by August 4th.

J.David Eisenberg agreed to provide his developer content.

A suggestion to use the blog feature with a rolling 'guest blogger' was discussed. Guest bloggers could focus on the sub-committee work and discuss it via the blog feature.

ISO/IEC 26300 Publication Schedule - Gary
The publication date is on track and anticipated in 4 - 6 weeks. No open issues to resolve.

ODF 1.1, 1.2 Roadmap - Gary
An ODF roadmap was agreed to be content. The roadmap will clarify the current work topics in the mainline TC and provide a transaparent way to better understand how the ODF TC continues to steward the specification moving forward.

There was a discussion regarding fidelity in roundtripping contexts. This led to a discussion of the work in the mainline Metadata SC. Various approaches to extending the ODF specification for metadata were discussed.

Dhananjay Keskar, a new TC member from Intel, expressed interest in ODF widgets to make ODF application development easier.
The links for developer content on the ODF Adoption TC will be added to the ODF Focus Area by Erwin.
J.David will contribute additional developer content to the ODF Focus Area.

The meeting was adjourned at this stage.


Don Harbison
Program Director, IBM ODF Initiative
Business & Technical Strategy
IBM Software Group
Mobile: +1-978-761-0116
email: donald_harbison@us.ibm.com

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