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odf-adoption message

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Subject: ODF Adoption TC Call - July 25, 2006 - Minutes

Roll Call

Donald Harbison,    IBM
Alan Milnes,           IBM
Robert Weir,           IBM
Alan Clark,            Novell
Gary Edwards,          OpenDocument Foundation
David Eisenberg,    OpenDocument Foundation
Sam Hiser,             OpenDocument Foundation
Dhananjay Keskar,  Intel

Acceptance of minutes

As we were again non-quorate this was deferred.  It was agreed that we
should try to follow up those people with whom we had no recent contact.

Interoperability Discussion and Next Steps

Don encouraged everyone to look at the recent correspondence on this from

- XForms
Current ODF implementation does not fully support XForms. Don asked the
Technical TC Members for thoughts - Robert Weir said that it was recognised
but not at the top of the agenda. Gary Edwards outlined the importance of
XForms to ODF, it had been included at the request of the EU. If XForms was
not fully supported then a document may be converted to (X)HTML and some
data left. Don suggested that we should perhaps put together a short guide
to current XForms support, this could then be used to consider what should
go into ODF v1.2. Erwin had already written a white paper on this for Open
Office - it was agreed we should look to have this on the focus area.

Update from ODF TC

- 1.0 (2nd Edition)
Now agreed, no schema changes but non-substantial editorial changes.

- 1.1 (including accessibility improvements)
This was now going forward for a 60 day comment period.  Would then
consider if we wanted to make this an OASIS Standard or just a committee

- Formulas
Formula sub-committee was now progressing well. IBM had committed the
copyrights for the 123 documentation which was very helpful.

- Planning for 1.2
Date not agreed yet. Much work is being done at the sub-committee level.
The Adoption TC should consider any requirements and submit them within a
month or so.

OpenOffice.org CON

ODF Track on September 13th including a keynote speech from Google's Zaheda
Bhorat. Round table including SUN and IBM reps. Don encouraged everyone to
look at the

ODF day at akademy 2006, Dublin, Sep 26

Audience here was developers who would be the people implementing ODF
support in their applications. Intention is a technical session that would
be developed via a wiki process. Ryder Cup is on at the same time so book
early for hotels!

Progress on deliverables

In Erwin's absence there was no update.

ODF Viewer

David reported on the work he was doing on this. He would welcome any
guidance on what should be prioritised. Gary felt there was some merit in
an AJAX based framework which could then be a foundation for someone else.
He also discussed some ideas round PDF / ODF and helping corporates with
the challenges they face in this area.


There was some discussion round this and how the standard was effectively
tied to specific applications. Interoperability was difficult if tied to
the Windows GDI or specific clip-art! Don pointed out that this related
back to the XForms discussion. Gary pointed out how ECMA was being used on
Server based Services such as Exchange and Sharepoint. He wondered if the
community, especially J2EE developers, had really understood this and the
implications It was important that we developed our site and really make it
a focus area that developers could turn to. Gary elaborated on the work
they were doing on the ODF Converter plug-in and how difficult it was to
convert MS Office data outside the application due to the nature of the
data binding.

The meeting was adjourned at this stage.


Alan Milnes
IT Architect
Outsourcing Infrastructure Solutions
Service Delivery Operations
IT Delivery Operations (UK, Ireland and South Africa)
IBM Global Technology Services, EMEA

Tel: (+44) [0] 7764-660 709 (Mobex: 272952)
Internet: milnea@uk.ibm.com

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