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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] need confirmation on ODF Camp

John McCreesh wrote:
> If we hold the ODF Camp on the Wednesday, it would probably be
> diplomatic to keep it to an afternoon-only session to avoid clashing
> with the OOoCon plenary sessions / keynotes on Wednesday morning.
> May I propose instead that we consider holding the ODF Camp as an all
> day parallel session on Thursday 20th. We now have all the proposals for
> papers in for OOoConf, and the ODF/XML papers fit into two streams, one
> on Wednesday afternoon and the other all day Friday.
> That would give people attending the ODF Camp a number of options:
> (optionally) turn up on Wednesday morning for the OOoCon keynotes
> (optionally) turn up on Wednesday afternoon for the OOoCon ODF/XML
> stream attend the ODF Camp on Thursday
> (optionally) stay on for the OOoCon ODF/XML stream on Friday
> Comments please?

My understanding is that the ODF camp/workshop will be an event mainly
for the people implementing ODF or working on the ODF spec, i.e. a
semi-open event for people who actively want to discuss and work on
ODF related issues like interoperability and programmability.

The camp/workshop would (almost) not consist of slide presentations,
but on lively discussions and brainstorming. As a consequence, the
camp would be very independent of the conference except that it
leverages the fact that many key ODF people are present in
Barcelona anyway. People from other ODF implementations like
KOffice and Google Docs & Spreadsheets would be invited to the
camp/workshop as well.

In addition, there is the XML/ODF track like at previous
OpenOffice.org conferences. This is the event for which the session
proposals would be used.

Since the people attending the workshop will also be interested
in the ODF/XML related sessions, I think it makes a lot of sense to
have the camp/workshop on Thursday so that they can make the best
use of their time.


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