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odf-adoption message

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Subject: ODF Adoption TC Call - 5 June 2007 - Notes

Dear TC members,

Sorry for being late with this, but here are the notes from
last week's meeting.

Best regards,

Erwin Tenhumberg
Alan Clark
Marino Marcich
Rob Weir
Don Harbison
Charles Schulz

We did not achieve a quorum.


ODF 1.2 collateral
We need to prepare collateral for fall 2007 when ODF 1.2 comes out.
The formula committee just provided their draft.
The meta-data SC expects their draft for tomorrow.
The internal review will talk another 2 months or so.
The 60-day public review will probably start around September.

Michael Brauer presentation of the Symposium might be a good starting
point for an outline for a document about ODF 1.2.

ODF 1.2 collateral should be more technial, e.g. explain why the way
formulas are specified in ODF 1.2 is good / better.

The document should ready for the public review of ODF 1.2.
Don and Rob will create a first draft.

Some work could be done earlier since the high-level messages (e.g.
about the process and the sources of feedback) will not change very
much in the end.

Translation of the ODF spec into other languages
Some national standards bodies get specs in the native-language.
There might be a need for translations of the ODF spec into other languages.
Either the national standards bodies or maybe OASIS should do the translation.
OASIS has a process/policy for translating OASIS specs.
Extremadura translated the ODF spec into Spanish and thus know the costs.
Marino will give Charles the contact information.

ODF camp at OOoCon 2007
Erwin will work with Rob to get in touch with implementors.
Erwin will check with John if the information about the ODF sessions
at OOoCon can be shared with the ODF Adoption TC members.

The ODF "camp" will be independent from the conference presentations
about ODF, i.e. the ODF camp will focus on discussions, brainstorming
sessions and product tests in order to work on the problems.
The focus will be on interoperability between different ODF
implementations, text documents in particular.
Programmability should be on the list as well.

The interoperability tests would be similar to SyncML plug-fests or the
JavaOne Deployathons (Petstore for Java EE).
Printed documents could be used as templates which vendors have to
recreate using their own features. Then the documents would be shared
to test interoperability.

Updating / re-designing opendocument.xml.org
We could focus more on programmability.
The site should aggregate more external content, so that people
just have to be sent to one site in order to find all relevant
ODF content.

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