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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] Restricting rights on opendocument.xml.org

On 6/24/07, Charles-H. Schulz <charles-h.schulz@arsaperta.com> wrote:

it's been one week since I'm trying to hunt blog spammers in our blog
section of opendocument.xml.org . Almost everyday I erase blogs that are
obvious spams, and their authors. But they keep coming back. Two of
these blogs cannot be erased by the way. Could restrict the posting
rights for the blogs' section to the site editors only?

Thank you,

Charles-H. Schulz,
AssociƩ / Associate
Ars Aperta.

Hi, Charles,

Rather than restricting the blogs section to site editors only, I  suggest examining the option of creating an intermediate set of permissions, e.g., requiring an email-confirmed registration before posting. Drupal has the needed permissions tools. That way, problem users can easily have their permissions revoked. Site editors could be granted the rights to set permissions per user so that OASIS staff don't have to handle revocations.

Another option allows registrations to be moderated before permissions are granted, in case you want to scrutinize registrations before approving them.

On Drupal permissions, start here, <http://drupal.org/handbook/modules/user>.

Best regards,



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