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odf-adoption message

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Subject: ODF Adoption TC Call - 19 June 2007 - Notes/Minutes

Hi all,

Here are my notes from last week.


* Erwin Tenhumberg
* Don Harbison
* Charles Schulz
* Rob Weir
* Alan Clark

We did not achieve a quorum.

ODF Adoption TC Call Participation
We need more active Adoption TC participants.
TC participation might not be too exciting because the TC focuses
on creating documentation, web content, etc. which might be "boring" to some.
However, this is what the TC is supposed to do based on the TC charter.
The next key deliverables are the ODF camp at OOoCon 2007 and the
ODF 1.2 collateral.

ODF Day at OOoCon 2007
Key participants to have at the event would be for example IBM, Sun,
Google, Novell and KDE.
One could send out test documents as PDF files upfront.

Don and Rob will draft a concept for the event.
Charles will check regarding a room.

Other Events
Another key event to keep in mind will be XML 2007 (Boston, Dec. 3-5).
Potential ODF implementors might go to the event.
The call for papers ends at the end of August.
XML document formats will play a key role at the event considering
the event's theme.

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