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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] Interop camp example

Erwin, at al.,

Thanks for the below!  I have a couple of suggestions inline.

But first:

I'd like to suggest we have the ODF Camp on the 20th.  Not sure about  
the full time but it would be arguably in parallel with

On 2007-06-26, at 04:41 , Erwin Tenhumberg wrote:

> Hi Rob,
> Thanks a lot for your input and your ideas!
> I'd like to step back for a second and think about the larger agenda
> of the event first. Here is what I could imagine:
> 1) Keynote by an ODF adopter about what they expect regarding
>    interoperability / conformance (30 minutes)
> 2) Potentially a second 30 minute keynote by another ODF adopter
>    (30 minutes)

Can I suggest we skip the idea of keynotes?  I can see having short  
(15 minute or so) focused presentations focused on the problems  
presented by ODF, esp. wrt word processing.

The idea in short is to have a brief statement (or statements)  
setting forth the basic problem (or problems) without bogging  
attendees down. These attendees, I expect, will be developers. And  
the time available will be short.
> 3) 10 minute presentations by the different ODF implementors who
>    came to the event about how much of ODF they implemented,
>    how they did it and what major problems they ran into
>    (about 1 hour and 30 minutes)

I can see something like this, but it might be better to form into  
groups almost immediately. Each group would be charged with working  
on particular problems. This may be unrealistic, but something like  
this should work.  That is: forming working groups whose aim is to  
identify (more precisely) problems and possible solutions. It's  
unlikely that real solutions will be achieved this day but even  
forming working groups that can continue to collaborate at other  
events is a good start.
> 4) Lunch (1 hour)
> 5) Workshop / discussion / brainstorming / life testing of the
>    issues mentioned during the first presentations (3 hours)

Agreed, but perhaps can have here a summary session, with the various  
groups, if such exist, briefly presenting what they have identified  
and what they will be doing or have done to resolve things.

> 6) A session for anybody interested in implementing ODF and
>    wants to learn from the experts how to do it, e.g. it could
>    be a panel where the newbies ask the experts. (1 hour)

This might be interesting, but do you really envision many newbies?  
That said, I think something like this would be interesting.
> Focusing on word processing might make sense because it might be
> the area where we can achieve a critical mass most easily.
> However, we could also first just ask the different companies and
> projects who will come and then decide if we want to add other
> aspects as well. For example, if Google and KOffice send
> spreadsheet guys, we could add spreadsheets to the agenda.

+1. With 1.2, spreadsheets will be even more the topic, and it might  
make sense then to have a focus on Sept. of word processing and next  
year, say at aKademy, a focus on spreadsheets.  I'm concerned about  
focus and time.  I also want to see this event as being something  
other than an OOo event. Hence, the idea of further piggybacking with  
other open-source events, like aKademy. Of course, I haven't asked  
them :-)

> Max Odendahl from Odendahl SEPT-Solutions who created Mobile
> Office from Symbian already expressed interest in coming to the
> event. I haven't heard back from Softmaker, yet.

that would be great.
> I guess topics 1) to 5) would be useful for any vendor interested
> in implementing ODF, but I think we should encourage them to
> be remain in a "listening only" / consuming mode for the first
> parts in order not to distract the interop discussions. Then in
> session 6) all the newbies would get a chance to ask all the
> questions they collected during the day. Invitations could be
> sent to CMS, DMS, SOA, etc. vendors.
> Anyway, in the end the key players for ths workshop are the
> experts specifying ODF and implementing ODF. Thus, it might
> make sense to move this discussion to the main line TC or
> at least to include the main line TC.


> I myself like to attend the event and am willing to help with the
> setup, but I probably would not be a key player at the event myself.


Now that I'm back from vacation, I can help to drive this event.

> All the best,
> Erwin

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