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Subject: RE: [odf-adoption] Interop camp example

If any attendees are potential new ODF spec or Adoption TC members, please pass
on their names to peter.roden@oasis-open.org. I'm sure Peter would be happy to
follow up.


-----Original Message-----
From: Louis Suarez-Potts [mailto:luispo@gmail.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 4:40 PM
To: Charles-H. Schulz
Cc: odf-adoption@lists.oasis-open.or
Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] Interop camp example

On 2007-06-27, at 05:22 , Charles-H. Schulz wrote:

> Hello Erwin, all,
> how many people do you think would attend this event?

It depends on whom we invite. I'm asking KOffice, Alfresco, to name  
but two groups. Then there are Google (spreadsheets/docs), IBM, Sun,  
and so on.

> best,
> Charles.

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