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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] proposed ODF Camp schedule

A few suggestions:

1)  You have us sending out, "2 PDF files illustrating sample documents."  Maybe we just want to say "a few" PDF files without committing to how many there will be.  It may be more than 2, for example.

2) I'm thinking it may be good to have someone on the accessibility side of ODF attend, to verify that these documents work well with a screen reader.  This is interoperability as well, with a particular application that is a reader instead of an editor.  The feedback we get from this exercise would benefit the editors.

3) Not needed for the web site, but we probably want to assigned leaders/moderators for each of the sessions.  I'm willing to do any or all of the sessions (except the keynote) .


Louis Suarez-Potts <Louis.Suarez-Potts@Sun.COM>
Sent by: Louis.Suarez-Potts@Sun.COM

08/01/2007 03:36 PM

[odf-adoption] proposed ODF Camp schedule

Hello all,

Please review the below. I've doubled the focus of the event--actual  
interoperability issues and future guidelines.

Note, because we are presuming that vendors will be doing homework in  
advance of the camp, we will have to ask the would-be participants to  
indicate their intentions at least two weeks prior to the camp. No  
laggards allowed, though newbies, yes, provided they come to the  
sessions prepared.

Proposed schedule for ODF Camp.

This inaugural ODF Camp will focus on interoperability among ODF  
implementations. The "ODF" refers of course to the OpenDocument  
Format, and the matters at hand, resolving differences among  
implementations and establishing guidelines for future  
interoperability, is vital to the format's continuing success.  We  
anticipate that this camp will be but the first in a series.  There  
will also not be nearly enough time to do what we would want, and so  
we will start before the actual camp commences.

*Three weeks prior to the camp we will send out (or otherwise make  
available for downloading) 2 PDF files illustrating sample documents.  
Upon receipt, each participant would attempt to replicate that  
document to the best of their application's abilities. They would  
then save the document in ODF format. They would have two weeks in  
which to do this.

An example document might be to replicate the first page of this PDF:
documents/pdf/act_mb_28122006.pdf .

* Depending on the complexity of the document and the time allowed,  
we will send out several documents, each highlighting a different  
issue. We would provide annotation explicating some likely overlooked  
points the vendors should attend to.

* A week before the camp, vendors would send in their ODF files for  
further redistribution to the others. [Suggestions on the technology  
to be used?]  All vendors will therefore have the time prior to the  
camp to review the differences in ODF implementation among the  
various vendors. The camp itself will then focus on identifying, in  
detail, the problems and, if possible, resolving them.

Below is the schedule of the day.  Prior to the actual camp we will  
send out PDF files

* Keynote: Stating the problem of interoperability for users [I have  
it now at 45 minutes but given the nature of this event, shortening  
it to 30 plus qs. seems  reasonable.]

Morning sessions:

We have set aside two morning and two afternoon sessions, but we want  
the structure to be fluid and accommodating to the needs at hand.  
Nevertheless, the morning sessions will focus on demonstrating and  
identifying implementation differences.  We envision that vendors  
would demonstrate the idiosyncrasies of their implementation,  
explaining the issues encountered in the files creation. In this  
manner we could work through the array of files, noting new problems  
in detail per implementation.


Afternoon sessions

These sessions are meant for coding fixes, if possible, and for  
demonstrating solutions.  The wrap-up session at the end will give us  
the occasion to discuss our next steps, as well as the feasibility of  
establishing guidelines for future implementation interoperability.


If this is okay, let's finalize it (remove brackets, etc.) and  
publish it on OOo site, as well as on the ODF site.


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