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odf-adoption message

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Subject: ODF Adoption TC Call - 7 August 2007 - Notes


* Erwin Tenhumberg
* Rob Weir
* Dee Schur
* Charles Schulz
* Alan Clark

No quorum was achieved.

ODF Camp at OOoCon 2007

We will invite about 10 companies.
Different companies might send between one and three developers.

Various companies and projects have already been contacted, e.g.:
* Sun
* Novell
* KOffice
* Odendahl SEPT-Solutions
* Softmaker
* Google

Erwin sent a reminder to Odendahl SEPT-Solutions and Softmaker.
Erwin will remind Google as well.

How should registrations for the ODF Camp be handled?
Should the registration be handled via the OOoCon site?

The key participants will be directly invited, i.e. the
people specifying and implementing ODF.
Thus, a formal registration site might not be necessary,
but someone will have to keep track of the registrations.

Test Documents
We need a few test documents for identifying and discussing
interoperability issues.

Everybody can help identify test documents.
The test documents should be convertible to PDF, so that people
can re-implement the documents with their own ODF implementations.
The re-implemented and shared test documents could be named like


In total it probably would be just three 1-page documents.
The participants will probably spend an hour per document, at most.
The end and the progress of the event will most likely be determined
by the actual participants of the event.

We need very simple and more complex documents.
The complexity should progress during the day, i.e. start with the
very simple documents first and end with the more complex ones.
Test documents should reflect both, typical use cases and special cases.

Real ODF deployers/users could provide example/test documents.
The CleverAge documents might be useful as well.

How to demo Mobile Office on a large screen?
Can a Symbian simulator be used on a laptop?
Everybody should be able to look at the same thing at the same time.
Erwin will investigate this.

In order to avoid "rat-hole discussions" and unproductive arguments
some kind of charter as well as a moderator will be needed for the event.
Optimally the moderator should be someone, who is not directly involved
in specifying or implementing ODF, i.e. someone who is somewhat neutral.
John McCreesh might be candidate.
Charles will check with John.

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