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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] Question on the test documents

Hi all,

On 2007-08-15, at 16:36 , Alan Clark wrote:

> A question from Florian:
> Florian Reuter wrote:
> Hi,
>  just a quick question regarding the test documents.
>  If I have test document where I'm uncertain how the ODF  
> representation will
>  look like is it feasable to send them as PDF only?

I think not. We specified pretty clearly what the point of the ODF  
Camp is about--to test interoperability among the implementations,  
not to test the virtues of non-ODF apps producing non-ODF docs. That  
can be done another time, I would think. If we start down that path  
for this ODF Camp, we'll never get anywhere. For that reason we are  
also specifying that this will have to do with text editing only, not  
the full range of ODF capabilities.

>  Best regards,


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