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odf-adoption message

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Subject: ODF Adoption TC Call - 28 August 2007 - Minutes

Dear TC members,

Here are my notes from yesterday's call.

Best regards,


* Alan Clark (Novell)
* Erwin Tenhumberg (Sun)
* Don Harbison (IBM)
* Louis Suarez-Potts (Sun)
* J. David Eisenberg (Individual)
* Rob Weir (Sun)
* Dee Schur (OASIS)
* Zaheda Bhorat (Google)

No quorum was reached according to the OASIS web tool.
Don sent a request to OASIS in order to get the membership status updated.
The membership list will be cleaned up to reflect the changes of the last
few months.

ODF Camp at OOoCon 2007

The total costs are still unclear.
We probably will need 5,000 Euro at most.
We will need money for flying in the keynote speaker, and will need
to confirm with keynote speaker this week.
Peter Vandenabeele from Fedict (Belgium) has agreed to keynote if
travel costs can be covered by the ODF Camp organizers.
All vendors should check until the end of this week, how the ODF
Camp can be funded.
Google's expectation is that their OOoCon sponsorship includes
sponsorship for the ODF Camp.

Test documents
Test documents should be sent to Rob.

Detailed agenda
Rob will also help defining the detailed agenda.

Known participants are:

Hansoft (3 people)
IBM (at least 2 people)
Sun (2-3 people)
Odendahl SEPT-Solutions (1 person)
Google (Zaheda and Jeremy)
KOffice (1 person)

SoftMaker will most likely not come.
Louis asked for a room for at least 25 people.

Registration via email does exist, but so far the traffic has been
extremely slow.

The decision was made not to have a moderator.
Instead Rob and possibly Michael should be the facilitators.

Other logistical items
Louis asked the OOoCon organizers regarding the availability of WiFi.
WiFi is supposed to be there, but it's not 100% clear.
The lunch options are unclear as well.
It's difficult to get answers from the OOoCon organizers due to
vacation, etc.
It could be useful to have local vendor employees work together with
the OOoCon organizers in Spain in order to get more answers.
IBM found a local Lotus person in Spain who might be able
to help.

ODF V1.2 Summaries
The ODF 1.2 spec is coming forward.
We need to start educating people.

ODF News / Round Table

XML 2007
The deadline for paper submissions is August 31st.
Rob might submit a paper for XML 2007.
J. David should think about submitting something.
Erwin will remind the people in Hamburg.
IBM's local facility potentially could be used for any
ancillary events.

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