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Subject: Possible teleconference with Burton

OASIS has been in contact with Burton Group concerning their report, "What's Up
Doc?"--as has IBM, ODF Alliance, Sun, and others.

As a result, Burton analyst, Guy Creese, has published a blog post entitled,
"Some Counterpoint to Our ODF/OOXML Report."
to.html). Creese notes that Burton plans to update the report in the next
quarter "...with an eye to (1) accepting or rebutting arguments made by others,
(2) taking into account the result of the ISO vote, and (3) clarifying points
that people misunderstood or misinterpreted." 

Since that update would be several months away, Burton has also agreed to
participate in a public teleconference with OASIS to discuss errors,
allegations, and bias in their report.

I am working now to schedule this teleconference, which will likely take place
the week of 4 Feb. I'll send more details soon.


Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
+1.978.667.5115 x209 


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