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Subject: Draft Minutes: TC Coordination Call - November 9, 2010

1.) Logistics

- Roll call

Donald Harbison                        IBM        
Rob Weir                                IBM        
Alan Clark                                Novell
David LeDuc                                OpenDocument Format Alliance (ODFA)        Guest
Louis Suarez-Potts                        Oracle Corporation        

- Determination of quorum status
A quorum was achieved  
- Acceptance of today's agenda

Prior to acceptance Louis proposed an agenda topic to focus on the next (5) year ODF communications strategy, focusing on ODF positive achievements.
Agenda was accepted.

2.) Change in perspective (reassess focus) for ODF promotion - Oracle initiated. - Louis

Louis led this discussion, an assessment and re-focus on deliverables plan for the TC.
White paper: "Document File Formats - a case for change" nominated for execution.
TC agreed to meet for (2) hour co-editing session, November 16 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. EST. Don to send invitations and manage eMeeting logistics to support.

3.) ODF 1.2 - brief update : Rob
Rob reported few open issues remain.

CD06 ballot anticipated at Nov 15th ODF TC
OASIS prescribed time intervals mean an OASIS standard ballot expected to complete during February 2011.

4.) ODF Focus Area - 2011 planning
TC agreed to generate a 2011 workplan calendar; building from the ODF Adoption Wiki

5.) ODF News / Round Table  -- All

We did not have sufficient time for roundtable.

Meeting adjourned.

Don Harbison
Program Director, IBM ODF Initiative
Tel. +1-978-399-7018
Mobile: +1-978-761-0116
Email: donald_harbison@us.ibm.com

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