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odf-adoption message

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Subject: OpenFormula interview questions

I'm recording an interview later today with David Wheeler, the chair of 
the OpenFormula Subcommittee.  They produced the spreadsheet formula 
specification for ODF 1.2

Following are some questions I was going to ask.  Please let me know ASAP 
if there are any other questions you think I should ask.




Intro:  tell a little about who you are, what you do

Tell briefly, What is OpenFormula and who should people care?

What was your Initial notice/interest in ODF?

Tell how OpenFormula got started, say until the work was moved into OASIS.

At that time, had you worked on standards before?

You noticed that ODF 1.0 needed serious improvement in spreadsheet formula 
specification.  What turned that from an observation into action?  What 
factors make it possible for you as an individual contributor to get 
involved in an international standard?

For OpenFormula, what were the main design constraints you had to contend 

As you dived deep into the intricacies of spreadsheet formulas, what are 
some things you came across that surprised you most? 

How does OpenFormula deal with the range of behavior seen in spreadsheet 
applications today?  How do you make a standard in an area where 
applications currently exhibit different behaviors?

If an implementor is sitting down to implement OpenFormula for the first 
time, what would be your advise for the top things to pay special 
attention to?

Is OpenFormula only for ODF spreadsheets, or does it have any other 
potential uses?

What do you think are some interesting things we should look at for future 
versions of OpenFormula?

What is next for you, any other interesting projects catching your eye? 

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