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Subject: Re: [office-accessibility] Fw: ODF AccSC Minutes - 8/3/06

I wanted to list to attendees:


Rich Schwertfeger
Steve Nobel
Pete Brunet
Hironobu Tagaki


rs: minutes update?
rs: no response - approved
rs: who has started their sections?
all: no response
rs: sent out a template, modeled after odf1.1
rs: how to handle alt text?
hiro: need html conversion as an example - good example of export of ODF to another doc format - HTML has strict acc guidelines
rs: very good idea
hiro: xforms section - better to have a formulated conversion
rs: can't save ODF to XFORMS - would have to convert to XHTML2 or XHTML plus XFORMS - best to convert HTML 4.2 (will loose some things)
hiro: in sections 3 and 4 - about structure - we can centralize structures in one section
rs: page breaks - move to structure section
hiro: table structure - move to central place
hiro: every section can refer to structure section
rs: drawing object is not structural element
hiro: having trouble defining structure and MD in glossary
rs: covered some of this in section 4, "Converting between ODF and other Document Formats", was named "Special issues when converting between other formats and ODF (both directions)"
hiro: need to define landmarks
hiro: Steve, any issues related to MathML?
steve: needs research, Steve can tap Neil Soiffer on W3C MathML group, also Robert Miner - both at Design Science (Steve's company) - Steve needs well formulated questions to pass on to Neil or Robert
pb: SMIL?
rs: Rich to research that and other sync'd media
hiro: Flash is not open format
steve: ask Dave Pawson for help with sync'd media (using experience with DAISY)
steve: Assistive?
rs: use Wikipdeia?
all: agree
rs: glossary - define sync'd media, DAISY
hiro: should we talk about the accessibility software, e.g. what are roles and states
rs: that's fine
hiro: will briefly introduce
rs: relationships
hiro: agree, it's important
rs: abtract: This document is a guide for Office Applications, that support version 1.1 of the OpenDocument format, to promote and preserve accessible ODF documents. This guide is not a comprehensive guide for content mapping to platform accessibility APIs.
hiro: office devs need minimum guidance for accessibility API mappings
rs: this is a lot of work - too much for now
pb: maybe we could do those full mappings as work done in subgroups over time
rs: yes - if group agrees to pick up that work
rs: which section would this be in
steve: section 2, ODF application accessibility
rs: example, how to map accessibility info related to a PARAGRAPH

action item, Rich: Add something for MathML and sync'd media for section 4
action item, Hiro: Add glossary item for landmarks, TTS, screen magnifier
action item, all: Do we want a minimal accessibility API mapping in the doc?
action item, all: Discuss user agents handling of alt text, e.g. using a single space so AT doesn't read decrorative text
action item, all: Hiro and Chieko need un-copyrighted but meaninful charts to use as examples

Rich Schwerdtfeger
Distinguished Engineer, SWG Accessibility Architect/Strategist
Chair, IBM Accessibility Architecture Review Board
blog: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/schwer

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