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Subject: Minutes: August 31, 2006 Meeting


Steve Noble
Chieko Asakawa
Malte Timmerman
Rich Schwerdtfeger
Peter Korn
Janina Sajka
David Clark
Hiro Tagaki
Pete Brunet

Meeting Minutes from previous week were unanimously approved

Peter: First Drafts of sections are due September 7
Peter: We started reviewing the charts that Chieko had provided last week
Chieko: I will just ask some questions for this week
Chieko: I want to gather more charts to proceed although I have provided some example charts.
Chieko: I would like example charts from people.
Peter: I have slides from public JavaOne conferences that we can share. Someone would need to troll through them to find the interesting ones
Chieko: We will check the website if you provide the URL
Peter: The URL is: http://developers.sun.com/learning/javaoneonline/
Peter: One of the kinds of diagrams I did not see was the arrow diagram where you have a line moving along a 2 dimensional line with points along the line (history, time lines, etc.)
Janina: Do we have PERT and GANTT charts in there?
Peter: This does not appear in Chieko's slides
David: Do applications like Star Office come with libraries of simple presentations to make sure we are covering all the bases?
Peter: I don't recall this. I recall a library of presentation templates.
Rich: Can I give you my ICCHP charts? These are architectural in nature.
Rich: This was inititated at FSG. Is this to address the effort there or here?
Peter: Here. It did not gain traction at FSG.
Rich: I will send my charts to Chieko
Peter: I may be able to get ODF version of some of our documents that are interesting
Hiro: I would like to get ODF presentation files
Peter: Hiro and Pete Brunet have done a first draft of the subtable issue
Rich: I will post today
Janina: I raised the alt text discussion for background images at the WAI PF call
Janina: The group thought we needed at least an alt text event though WCAG generally discourages the use of background images
Janina: The PF group thought this group was the place for this to happen
Janina: Some background images like "draft" have semantic meaning
Janina: The information should be in a machine readable format. There was concern that any information not be used to badger the user
Janina: Office applications need to be able to remove the background images
Rich: The alt text should be at page boundaries. This is a raising the bar issue.
Janina: Information should be placed at the top or bottom of the page.
Peter: Should we do this or should PF
Rich: Us
Peter: We need this to be an action item
Rich: Do we all agree this is a 1.2 item?
David: Absolutely
Peter: Agree
ACTION: Janina pursue further investigation of alt text on background images
Peter: Have our organizations give ODF testimonials
Peter: We do not need IBM and Sun because of their extensive involvement
Rich: What about Jerry Barrier?
Peter: Good idea.
Janina: What about Curtis Chong?
ACTION: Janina contact AFB and APH and Brian Charlson (Mass.)
Janina: APH is an "icon" partner with Marc Mulcahey
Peter: He is not going to be ready and he is no longer president
Janina: They are doing Orca testing at the Carol Center
Peter: Any other items?
Peter: Chieko and Hiro. We have addressed your issues for today?
Hiro: We need to categorize.
Peter: I gavel this to a close.

Rich Schwerdtfeger
Distinguished Engineer, SWG Accessibility Architect/Strategist
Chair, IBM Accessibility Architecture Review Board
blog: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/schwer

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