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Subject: RE: [office-accessibility] Minutes from 30May07 OASIS ODF accessibility subcommittee meeting

Peter -

One slight correcton on Kurzweil contact action item. On Thursday, Steve
Noble recommended Stephen Baum of Kurzweil. I agreed that Stephen was a very
good contact and suggested Rich contact Stephen. Stephen's contact
information is as follows:

Stephen Baum [steve@kesi.com]

- Mike 

Mike Paciello
Cell: +1.603.566.7713

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From: Peter.Korn@Sun.COM [mailto:Peter.Korn@Sun.COM] 
Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007 1:26 AM
To: office-accessibility@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [office-accessibility] Minutes from 30May07 OASIS ODF accessibility
subcommittee meeting


Janina Sajka
Steve Nobel
Tatsuya Ishihara
Peter Korn

1) Approve minutes for last ODF Accessibility SC Meeting 

  -> Minutes approved

2) Status of Mac's review of the ODF 1.1 Accessibility Guidelines?  
[Mike Paciello?]
 -> Mak is on target to have the guide back to us by June 15th

3) Rich's Initial review of changes to ODF 1.2 

3.1.13 <meta:auto_reload>and 3.1.13 <meta:ReloadDelay> Need to modify 
developer guidelines to ensure acceptable reload times (don't want to 
cause a seizure) to provide author guidance in line with WCAG 2. We need 
to define what an acceptable reload delay is.

3.1.14 <meta:hyperlink-behaviour> Needs to specify what happens when a 
hyperlink is activated. we should say something about point of regard in 
our developer guidelines

3.2/3/3 User Defined/Custom meta data - need to see what will do with 
this. we could reuse user-defined meta data to store added semantics 
such as for business presentations.

4.6 Do we need to do more with Change Tracking?

8.2.4 Header Rows - the author of this section asks if this text is 
acceptable for the use of row headers (Rich says yes)
To facilitate accessibility the element must be used to encapsulate row 
headers. Accessibility is diminished by the use of styles to designate 
row headers.

8.2.6 Subtables - Subtables must be deprecated. Tables alters the 
row/column references such that users who are blind get disoriented 
within the table. Note: Rich did send an email to Rob Weir regarding 
deprecating Subtables.

-> No disagreements on the call with the issues that Rich raises; 
agreement with his proposals.  The group has not sufficiently reviewed 
the 1.2 spec. to have any additions to these.

4) MathML - Do we need to do more with MathML?
 -> Steve Nobel looked over the draft 1.2 spec. for MathML.  Just a 
pointer to the W3C spec.  Steve Nobel (who will get with Neil Soiffer) 
to take a second look at it.  Will also take a look at the spec. for 
MathML in OpenXML

5) Kurzweil Action Item - Mike, do we have a technical contact?
 -> No word from Mike

6) Request to the group: review TEITAC draft for accessible content as 
it pertains to ODF 1.2

  -> Janina, Steve to look over this text, provide their thoughts on 
both the recommendations themselves, and also on how ODF 1.1/1.2 
addresses these recommendations.

7) Upcoming vacation for Peter...  will be out June 12 - June 21.

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