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office-accessibility message

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Subject: June 12 ODF Acessibility Meeting Minutes (attached)

Respectfully submitted.
Mike Paciello
Cell: +1.603.566.7713

From: Richard Schwerdtfeger [mailto:schwer@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 6:26 PM
To: office-accessibility@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [office-accessibility] Agenda: June 12 ODF Acessibility sc Meeting

Connection info:

Thursday 12Jun07; 8am PT / 11am ET / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET

Toll-free dial-in:             1-877-421-0019
Toll/International  dial-in:   1-770-615-1380
Participant passcode:          710374

channel: "&office-accessibility"

1. Role Call
2. Establish Scribe
3. Approval of Minutes from May 24: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office-accessibility/email/archives/200705/msg00019.html
4. Rich's Meeting with Steve Baum (Kurzweil)
5. Discussion of Mak's comments on the ODF Accessibility Guidelines (below)

(See attached file: ODF_Accessibility_Guidelines_21_12Jun2007_mp_rev draft2.odt)

Rich Schwerdtfeger
Distinguished Engineer, SWG Accessibility Architect/Strategist
Chair, IBM Accessibility Architecture Review Board
blog: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/schwer


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