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office-accessibility message

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Subject: question regarding style:next-style-name

Dear SC,

I was just wondering whether the "style:next-style-name" attribute of a "style:master-page" migth also be an accessibility issue.
The general idea of this concept is that a master page style also defines the next master page style used during the layout process.

So you can a build chain of page styles like:
PageStyle0 -> PageStyle1 -> PageStyle2 -> PageStyle1 -> PageStyle2 -> PageStyle1 -> ...
by using the following declarations:
PageStyle0.next-style-name = PageStyle1
PageStyle1.next-style-name = PageStyle2
PageStyle2.next-style-name = PageStyle1
or even more complex.

So whenever an implicit or explicit page break appears the next page style in the chain is chosed. This means that the page style (including headers, footers, etc.) are changed by an implcicit or explicit page break as a side-effect.  I'm wondering whether this "side-effect" of a page break might be an issue wrt. accessibility?

FYI Word does not use the concept of next-page-style and side-effects. Instead Word has three page styles per section: FirstPage, LeftPage and RightPage. So its very clear what the purpose of the page style is.

Best regards,


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