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office-accessibility message

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Subject: Eclipse ACTF project

Hi All,

Today, there was an announcement about open sourcing our accessibility
tools including aDesigner for ODF via Eclipse.org.


We created a new project for accessibility tools called "Accessibility
Tools Framework (ACTF)", and I and Mike Paciello will co-lead the project.
We will opensource our ODF accessibility checker functions, such as the
accessibility guideline validation and low-vision simulation for
documents based on image processing. The tool uses OpenOffice.org as the
ODF renderer.
At this moment, we have not published our source code yet, but you can try
all functions by using alphaWorks version.



Best Regards,

Chieko Asakawa, Ph.D.
Accessibility Research
IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
IBM Distinguished Engineer
Member, IBM Academy of Technology
E-mail: chie@jp.ibm.com
Tel: +81-46(215)4633     Fax: +81-46(274)4282

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