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Subject: Process for evaluation of change tracking proposals

We now have a proposal from Doug and John (Microsoft), so we need to move forward with evaluating the two proposals with the view to selecting one of them or merging them in some way to get the best from both.

We need to have a single way to reference the proposals. I suggest:
"extended-ct-proposal" for Microsoft proposal to extend the change tracking mechanism
"generic-ct-proposal" for the existing proposal from DeltaXML for an xml-generic approach to change tracking

The proposals are here:
http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office-collab/documents.php in the Standards folder

There is also a Use Cases folder there with the Use Cases (before/after documents). Worked examples to show how each Use Case is handled will be uploaded to that folder also. The wiki provides a summary showing which use cases are covered in each proposal.

Please look at these proposals and use email to ask for clarifications or make comments (thanks to Ganesh for getting this process started).

I am setting up two conference calls so we can discuss which proposal or how to merge them as follows:
Tues 5th April 14.30 BST (British Summer Time 1 hour ahead of GMT, i.e. same time of day as TC con calls, 13.30GMT)
Tues 12th April 14.30pm BST

I mentioned these call times to the TC in today's conference call and no-one knew of clashes so I hope these are OK.

We may not need both calls if the way ahead is clear. If we cannot reach a consensus then we will need to refer it to the TC.

Best regards,

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Robin La Fontaine, Director, DeltaXML Ltd  "Change control for XML"
T: +44 1684 592 144  E: robin.lafontaine@deltaxml.com      
Registered in England 02528681 Reg. Office: Monsell House, WR8 0QN, UK

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