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Subject: Use Case coverage for extended-ct-proposal - request for details


Please would you update the wiki page for Use Cases to indicate for each Use Case whether or not this is covered in your proposal or not?

I suggest if a Use Case is covered (i.e. included in your proposal document) but not demonstrated (i.e. worked example available), you indicate 'To do'. If it is not covered by your proposal mark as 'Out of scope', or other comment that may be appropriate. From the email discussions it appears that a category 'In scope but not yet defined' might be appropriate.

I am requesting this as SC Chair in order that the members have the best possible information on which to base a decision. It is important that all members understand the scope of the extended-ct-proposal.

It would he helpful to have this information as soon as possible, so if you can complete it this week (by 3rd April) that would be good.


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