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Subject: GCT vs ECT UC1-6 index.

  Perhaps this index of the use cases UC1-6 might also be of interest to others. As at Mon Jul 25, 2011 @ 12:10 PM east Aussie time I couldn't see the ECT versions of UC4, UC5, or UC6. Apologies if I missed them.

Cited documents can be sourced from here:
http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office-collab/documents.php / Use Cases

- UC1 ECT. Multiple Changes example
             extended_ct_proposal.odt / Multiple Changes section, under Basic Text Content

- UC2 ECT. Removing list
             ECT list examples.odt

- UC3 ECT. Changing list level
             ECT list examples.odt

- UC4 GCT. Overlapping style changes
             GCT = character-style-changes-sample.zip

- UC5 GCT. List Edit and Conversion to Paragraphs
             GCT = list-to-paras-sample.zip

- UC6 GCT. Text Frame Modifications 
             GCT = text-frame-sample.zip

For UC1, UC2, and UC3 open the cited GCT odt file which includes a presentation of both the ECT and GCT markup.

The following is a formatted version of the interesting part of the GCT ODT XML for UC3-6.

=== UC4:GCT character-style-changes-sample.zip/content.xml

<text:p text:style-name="Text_20_body">
  These sample documents demonstrate the scenario mentioned by Ben
  Martin where two change transactions appear to be overlapping and to
  be inherantly ordered but in fact they could be accepted/rejected
  independently of each other.

<text:p text:style-name="Text_20_body">
  In the following paragraph, the first change transaction will make
  the word 'bold-italic' into an italicised font. The soncd change
  transaction will make all of the 'bold' words and the word
  'bold-italic' into a bold font.

<text:p text:style-name="Text_20_body">
  Normal normal 
  <text:span text:style-name="bold" delta:insertion-change-idref="ct2" delta:insertion-type="insert-around-content">
    bold bold 
    <text:span text:style-name="italic" delta:insertion-change-idref="ct1" delta:insertion-type="insert-around-content">
    bold bold
  normal normal.

=== UC5:GCT list-to-paras-sample.zip/content.xml

Note that since at a logical level the delta:remove-leaving-content-start is terminated
with a matching delta:remove-leaving-content-end element I have indented things accordingly.

<text:p text:style-name="Text_20_body">
  In this example set, the following list will first have some text
  added to the middle list item. The second edit will convert the list
  into paragraphs by selecting the whole list and pressing the
  'Bullets On/Off' button.

<delta:remove-leaving-content-start delta:removal-change-idref="ct2" delta:end-element-idref="end1">
  <text:list xml:id="list395423701" text:style-name="L1"/>

  <delta:remove-leaving-content-start delta:removal-change-idref="ct2" delta:end-element-idref="end2">
    <text:p text:style-name="Standard">This is a list item</text:p>
  <delta:remove-leaving-content-end delta:end-element-id="end2"/>

  <delta:remove-leaving-content-start delta:removal-change-idref="ct2" delta:end-element-idref="end3">
    <text:p text:style-name="Standard">This item will have a 
           <delta:inserted-text-start delta:insertion-change-idref="ct1" delta:inserted-text-end-idref="it1"/>
           <delta:inserted-text-end delta:inserted-text-end-id="it1"/>word added
  <delta:remove-leaving-content-end delta:end-element-id="end3"/>

  <delta:remove-leaving-content-start delta:removal-change-idref="ct2" delta:end-element-idref="end4">
    <text:p text:style-name="Standard">This is the final list item</text:p>
  <delta:remove-leaving-content-end delta:end-element-id="end4"/>

<delta:remove-leaving-content-end delta:end-element-id="end1"/>

=== UC6:GCT text-frame-sample.zip/text-frame-generic-ct.odt/content.xml

<text:p text:style-name="Text_20_body">
  <draw:frame draw:style-name="fr1" draw:name="Frame1" text:anchor-type="paragraph" 
    svg:x="2.0cm" svg:y="2.0cm" svg:width="8.0cm" draw:z-index="0" 
    <draw:text-box fo:min-height="2.503cm">
       <text:p text:style-name="Frame_20_contents">
          This is a 
          <delta:inserted-text-start delta:insertion-change-idref="ct2" delta:inserted-text-end-idref="it1"/>
          <delta:inserted-text-end delta:inserted-text-end-id="it1"/>
          text frame.
In this set of samples, the frame below will be edited four times: moved, text edited, resized and finally moved again.

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