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Subject: Advanced change-tracking scenarios

Dear SC,

The current use cases of the sub committee are listed at http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/ChangeTrackingUseCases
These use cases are focusing on fine granular changes of the document.
Following you find a collection of advanced high-level use cases:
  1. Collaboration should allow to work off-line and rejoin to a previous document session afterwards, and change tracking should support the efficient saving of off-line cooperation.
  2. Collaboration should allow to start in a large session group, split to smaller groups, changing and adding group members and ultimately everything should sync to a single document. (I think I have a solution for this)..
  3. Change-tracking should support easy bundling of changes to versions (revisions of the document)
  4. There should be arbitrary hierarchical levels of revisions (e.g. multiple doc changes are part of a bug, multiple bugs are part of a bug list from a National Body report, multiple National Body reports are combined to an ODF errata document.
  5. Change-tracking should allow the efficient browsing through reversions of a document (history)
  6. Change-tracking should allow that change (or a set or multiple changes) is able to be moved through revisions. (e.g. an issue bundling multiple changes, should not be part of a version, but not be deleted either
  7. Read-Only loading of a document with change-tracking should be efficient (stand-alone file for changes?)
  8. Reading only the changes of a document should be efficient (stand-alone file for changes?)

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