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Subject: Cut (or deletion) of a selection with metadata (earlier - Re: [office-collab]Groups - Conference call to discuss use case solutions UC4-UC8 added)

On 26.08.2011 02:57, monkeyiq wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-08-25 at 23:50 +0000, John Haug wrote:
>> It's the case using bookmarks and xml:id -
>> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office-collab/document.php?document_id=42989.
>> John
> I should also mention that this bookmark example leaves open what
> happens if the start tag is in a different bucket than the end tag. This
> happens in UC7 for annotations which can use different start and end XML
> elements to indicate their scope.
> If as cited from earlier in this thread regarding UC7:
>    "John argues this type of change is not needed
>     so no ECT solution, outside its scope and
>     no easy extension"
> Then we should make it overt which start/end grouped tags are forbidden
> if/when buckets are in use.
@Ben: I can not follow you on the above scenario. Why does grouped 
start/end tags have to be forbidden?

Allow me to give some general remarks on selections with metadata 
We should be aware that there are in two types of metadata on 
selections: breakable & unbreakable

Selections with breakable metadata will remain valid after the change of 
the selection (change of its content).
A typical example for "breakable selection with metadata" are styles. If 
there is a style on some text portion and we cut half of of the text, 
the style remains. Another example is adding the author of a text 
selection as metadata. If half of the text was cut, the other half was 
still written by the author. The metadata is still valid, when parts 
were deleted.

Selections with unbreakable selection with metadata will remain valid 
after a change of the selection.
A typical example for "unbreakable selection with metadata" is a 
telefone number, date of birth, etc. If the selection is cut into half, 
or the selection was changed in general the metadata is invalid - at 
least the user should be getting a notice (be questioned) from the 

Unless the metadata is being differentiated by some destinct ODF XML (as 
styles of selections with metadata have their own ODF XML are always 
known to be breakable), the application simply does not know if it is 
allowed to split selection with metadata or not.

What does this means for annotations and bookmarks? The correct 
application behavior is unspecified.
We might assume as a heuristic always breakable metadata, similar as styles.
In this case if only a single start/end tag was within in a selection 
that had been removed (or cut/pasted), the application has to move this 
tag out of the cut/deleted selection. Basically the start/end tag(s) 
remains at the same position while the rest was moved/deleted.

Do we all agree on the above basic view on ODF requirements?

PS: Unfortuantely the awareness of the above problem came just after the 
specification of the first milestone of metadata for ODF, otherwise I 
would have suggested the introduction of a RDF property to mark if a 
selection of metadata can be changed.


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