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Subject: Re: [office-collab] Straw Poll re delay to consensus report to include MCT


please allow me to be completely frankly on this..
You are defending GCT like a lioness her cub. From my current perspective the request of a "formal proposal" is similar to a barrier being set up to protect existing proposals. I can neither find rules in OASIS nor I am aware of other working groups, like the W3C, who are just allowing input based on a "formal proposal". But to please you, please take my comment in the analysis document and the references to my prior mails on the list as the formal proposal. If you can not do this, please quote the rules, which proof that this is not possible, otherwise I suggest we focus more on the technical work again.

For the future of ODF, let us just assume for a second that we all in the SC are interested in the most efficient solution for change-tracking for ODF applications.
In this case we would consider all existing ideas on table and do not hide behind walls of bureaucracy.

I am looking forward to start to answer technical questions..
- Svante

On 03.02.2012 12:59, Robin LaFontaine wrote:
I am ready to update WD04 of the report to include comments from Andreas and Thorsten, but I cannot update it with Svante's significant changes because there is a lot of new material that is not supported by background documents and discussion within the group. I was not expecting a complete revision of the document, adding a new proposal for which there is no supporting document: the reference is to the email of 22 Sept 2011 where the last line is "I am currently working on a formal proposal". We do not have this proposal. 

We have previously agreed to evaluate the two proposals and produce a report, and this has taken us from April 2011 to now. We had also in our charter that we should take change tracking as our priority (this is a direction of the TC who approved the charter).

It is not acceptable that one proposal has very little supporting documentation and has had no discussion in the SC, where the other proposals have had considerable collaborative work and discussion.

In order to include the MCT proposal there would be work for the SC to do, as we have done for GCT and ECT, including:
1. A document that gives details of the proposal, to reference in the report
2. We need a presentation of this so we can understand it and ask questions about it
3. We need to see worked examples so we can validate that it works
4. Discuss as needed on the email list and in calls

To do this we need to revise our decision to include only those proposals that were presented to us within the original agreed timeframe. If we do revise that decision then we need to check with the TC that we should no longer treat change tracking as a priority, i.e. that we should delay our work to fully consider real-time collaboration.

Such a decision will impact users of ODF who need change tracking as soon as possible.

Please reply to this email with your views on this. Essentially the choice for us as a subcommittee is:

A. Complete the revision of the consensus report covering ECT and GCT with references to collaboration, and include comments from Thorsten and Andreas (plus any smaller changes Svante may propose). We can then discuss MCT while we get public feedback on the report in parallel.

B. Revise our agreement to include only the two proposals ECT and GCT and delay the report (for 2-3 months) to include MCT.

If we go for B then we need to check this with the TC as above.

I hope we can get the views of all SC members on this. We will schedule a call in 1-2 weeks to discuss further but not everyone will be able to attend that.


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