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Subject: Re: [office-collab] Next steps 2012-02-06

On 06.02.2012 17:02, Robin LaFontaine wrote:

We will schedule a call to have a presentation of MCT by Svante and discussion about this. This will be at 14.30 on Feb 14th.  I request that, before that meeting, Svante sends out details of what will be presented and discussed so that we can prepare for the call. Rather than have all members chasing round different emails and other documents, it would be best for this to be in one document. If Svante can spend an hour pulling it all into one document it will save many hours for the group as a whole.

The best overview of MCT is provided by the addition to "ODF Change Tracking: Analysis and Proposals Version 1.0"

A more technical description was given last August:

Tomorrows presentation will be made available short before the meeting.

- Svante

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