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Subject: Groups - Presentation of Merge-enabled Change Tracking (MCT) uploaded

Submitter's message
I have updated the presentation, ironically I have forgotten to activate change-tracking..

Overview of changes:
1) Fix of the two examples. Tristan was right in the chat there is a split operation missing. I dropped it during this last minute change as it seemed unclear what kind paragraph/heading would be created. I realized later it is implicitly given the ODF next style attribute feature.

2) According to Rob suggestion, there should not be such an explosion of new XML. Agree, used a more generic syntax with type given by value. The former approach makes only sense for schema validation, but for validness the references have to be checked anyway, if they are referring to the correct type of component.
Note: Serialization details might evolve, as shrinking @type
to @t or abbreviating "paragraph" to "p" as ODF usually does.
3) Added slide (now 14) that shows how operational transformation might occur, when moving an operation one step in the queue.

4) Patrick comments resulted in further comments on the slides (Notes) and further information on slide 9 (now):

Every operation has an inverse operation, e.g.
add(?paragraph?, ?/1?, ?Hello World?) <=> del(?paragraph, ?/1?)


Status of previous ODF XML + do operation(s) =
Status of current ODF XML =
Status of upcoming ODF XML + undo operation(s

Thanks again for attending and raising interesting feed-back!

Best regards,
-- Mr. Svante Schubert
Document Name: Presentation of Merge-enabled Change Tracking (MCT)

The presentation to be given to the sub-committee explaining Merge-enabled
Change Tracking (MCT)
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Mr. Svante Schubert
Group: OpenDocument - Advanced Document Collaboration SC
Folder: Use Cases
Date submitted: 2012-02-14 13:08:15
Revision: 1

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