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Subject: Re: [office-collab] Merge-enabled Change Tracking (MCT) evaluation

On 21.02.2012 12:25, Robin LaFontaine wrote:
  1. Is there a reason that our Wiki does not list UC6 the text frame example, nor maps to the 6 (or 8) UCs?
No reason, it is a wiki so please do update to include these. The page was set up before these UCs were selected/proposed and lists all the original use cases which were developed to demonstrate GCT, plus J.1 and J.2 which were suggested but have not been actioned.

As H.1 "Formula and Number Modification Example" is in scope for MCT you may wish to consider that one also to show how MCT handles a spreadsheet example.
I am missing the details for the example H.1.
Unfortunately there is neither a reference to test document and/or mail(s), nor a reference to the GCT example, completing this scenario.

May suggest that I will work out the examples for MCT, providing operations for Patrick, Tristan and Thorsten to solve their scenarios, having a solution made for myself. While you (or some other helping hand) bring the Wiki up-to-date in terms of references so we all can rely on the same detailed requirements?

Thanks in advance,

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