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Subject: Re: [office-collab] Re: [office] Groups - MCT Challenge #2 (PDF) uploaded

On 05.12.2012 18:19, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> My sympathies are with the statement by Oliver on the call log:
>    [16:08] Oliver-Rainer Wittmann: Thus, yes I agree. I would 
>    also go a step further: Would be good, if an application 
>    could indicate a certain bundling and may be also name it.
> Whether an application shows or allows unbundled handling of tracked changes it would be great if they could be recorded as bundled by producers that are able to do so.  It makes the history cleaner.  If consumers preserve that, even if the bundle can be separated, it is nice to be able to accept or reject a bundle as one action.  
Sure. Operations are already "bundled" by their creator - likely via
metadata. What is the criteria of the new bundling, created by a single
user interaction? Perhaps we should be more verbose on the definition
and the requirement of that new bundling.
> MCT can't specify this (any more than it can prevent the ridiculous notion of tracking single keyboard actions all by the same user in the same session), but I think it is important that it enable it.
Sorry, the above I do not understand. Of course any bundling can be
specified and of course we could prevent the ridiculous notion of
tracking single keyboard actions by requiring a certain degree of
normalization of operations - like ordering and compression.
> Finally, I don't know what it means to say that "the information set can't change," so I can't assess the implications of that.
I believe you you refer to the log, the original quote was '

the information set of changes have to be the same.

' It was meant that the granularity of changes does not matter. It only
matters that the overall change is the same. Accepting/Rejecting once
"abc" or each three separated characters is up to the application.
Operations used by applications to express the change have to be equivalent.
>  - Dennis

Best regards,

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