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Subject: Change-Tracking for adding/deleting/formatting of text/paragraph

As you might have noticed, I have uploaded this morning a new draft.
In addition I have uploaded now an example document for the undo.xml
file, see

My goal was to reach a good mile stone for the end of the year. I aimed
to finish the specification of change-tracking for adding, deleting and
formatting of text and paragraphs.
Only the RelaxNG turned out to be more complex in its creation,
therefore for now I have only added an example file of an undo.xml. Any
help from XML experts is most welcome on this task.

In this example file the user deletes first several (resulting into
inverse undo add actions) and later pasting the previously deleted,
resulting in a grouping of operations for a single user action.
I might overwork the scenario to become a more often used one, but it
should work for a start.

Note that the example embraces a heading and hyperlink scenario, where
both element types are being mapped to formatting properties to ease
their handling.

What was not yet in the draft, but I have already added to the example
'undo.xml' file, there are no units. Length are integer only. The
measurement for Fonts are by default in 'pt', all other length units are
normalized to 1/100 millimeter, what AFAIK the most precise unit being
used internally in current office and browser applications. There will
be an XML extension of complex units such as border, color and those
allowing percentage, etc.

Looking forward to meet you in our last call of this year tomorrow at
16:30 Central European (my) time.

Best regards,

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