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Subject: IRC log from today's meeting - 2014-04-23

Please find the IRC log of today's meeting below. 
Our next meeting will be next year on the 7th of May.

The teleconference login data for next call will be found in
    the OASIS calendar event (URL above).

Attendees: Oliver, Peter, Svante, John (chat only - dial-in problems)
[16:32] Oliver-Rainer Wittmann: hello Peter
[16:32] Peter Rakyta- MultiRacio Ltd.: Hi Oliver!
[16:32] Oliver-Rainer Wittmann: again the time in the chat is three min. ahead
[16:32] Peter Rakyta- MultiRacio Ltd.: 
[16:32] Svante Schubert: Hi everyone
[16:33] Svante Schubert: server time is 3 minutes ahead.. 
[16:33] Oliver-Rainer Wittmann: hi Svante
[16:33] Peter Rakyta- MultiRacio Ltd.: Hi Svante
[16:35] Svante Schubert: Here the two references of the reply of the mail of Peter to the TC
[16:36] Oliver-Rainer Wittmann asks: Where is Svante's mouse?
Magic 8-Ball says: Very doubtful
[16:36] Svante Schubert: Thanks for the insights 
[16:42] Svante Schubert: having discussions on peters mail
[16:42] Svante Schubert: 1) we all agree on metadata (as described in the mail)
[16:43] Svante Schubert: 2) the UNO api problem is an implementation problem. Especially the auto style problem seems to be no problem. Nevertheless still OOo needs to implement some further features such as insertion of rows
[16:44] Svante Schubert: 3) Finally, the reference to table by name does not work for merging and future real-time collaboration
[16:45] Svante Schubert: Otherwise when user A insertion a table with label X another user B will have no idea if/how to merge this change. Is it before or after? Is there a position adoption or not.
[16:46] John Haug: Was there a change in the teleconference code?
[16:50] John Haug: That US number and code doesn't work now
[16:50] John Haug: OK, I don't want to derail you guys - perhaps look into this another time
[16:51] Svante Schubert: we are done anyway
[16:51] Peter Rakyta- MultiRacio Ltd.: Svante: When it come to merging (for example addition of a table into doc A) an OT is created
[16:52] Peter Rakyta- MultiRacio Ltd.: getting pos info from doc A
[16:52] Svante Schubert: OT Operational Transformation
[16:57] Svante Schubert: Peter agrees to support the position and the name of the table in the future
[16:58] Oliver-Rainer Wittmann: bye

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