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Subject: Agenda for tomorrow's call

Dear SC,

A short reminder for tomorrow's calI and a proposed agenda.

Meeting URL:

Time Coordination:

Proposed Agenda
  1. Status update on the current implementations 

    a) LibreOffice as part of the Google Summer of Code program

    b) Calligra, i.e. MultiRacio's branch

    c) ODF Toolkit ODFDOM fork from Open-XChange

  2. Definition of Done

    What is our minimum feature set we aim to archive for a first public version?

    a) Likely it is the minimum set of operations equal to the maximum set of changes supported by current change-tracking of any ODF application? 

    b) What kind of tooling should be developed for the OASIS SC?
    * Sorting / Normalizing a sequence of operations
    * Testing environment: Document to Operations to Document to Operations 
       Comparing the operation sequences for automated testing
       Removing a new change pattern - like a new feature - to remove noise and realize regressions
    * A tool to align the collaboration of applications with different feature set (has much in common with the previous test tool, but the sequences of operations

  3. Roadmap

    After the detailed idea of what we want archive in the first step, we can discuss who might take over and in what time frame. Than we are able to draft a road map.

  4. What does it take to convince collaborating (HTML) editors in standard?

    If current ODF applications have problems to overtake the new concept, perhaps existing collaboration suites might deal as a catalyst and help to establish a interoperability standard no longer based on file formats alone, but based on changes.
Hope to see you tomorrow,

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