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Subject: Agenda for tomorrow's call

Dear SC,

A short reminder for tomorrow's calI and a proposed agenda.

Meeting URL:

Time Coordination:

Proposed Agenda
  1. Discussion on XML Serialization 

    I have provided a simple example document for the new undo.xml file, which should contain the changes to be possibly rejected and referencing to the change position in the content.xml, see https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office-collab/201606/msg00001.html

    Interesting to me would be how your ODF application determine user changes to bundle to be rejected in one step, assigned with a change label.

    For comparison, the serialization of a document as change in JSON might look like this: http://markmail.org/download.xqy?id=nv4m77mpfgtqv7dn&number=1
    Belonging to the following OASIS ODF SC mail: http://markmail.org/message/nv4m77mpfgtqv7dn?q=Open-Xchange+list:org%2Eoasis-open%2Elists%2Eoffice-collab

    It is likely that JSON sets are being mapped to XML elements, but we should be careful not to be too verbose with the XML in terms of length as the file might become large.
    A normalization of the operations to be ordered and removed from redundancy might be helpful. 
Hope to see you tomorrow,

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