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Subject: Standardization of Document Changes - based on ODF SC call 21.09

Dear SC,

From the retrospective on discussions some of us had at the LibreOffice conference last week, we started to discuss in our call today the need for standardization of document changes. 
Let me try to wrap up the output of our discussion and allow me to spice it up with some references of research and arguments, we might have missed during the call:

Currently the finest level for interoperability between users and applications is a document.
Unfortunately for modern collaboration the exchange of the full document is no longer sufficient. 
After agreeing on the advantage to have something more atomic defined for collaboration as the document itself like we have nowadays, the interoperable interchange of such changes is only guaranteed by a standardization of them as we agreed upon today.

Please comment if I should have missed something or in case you have an additional thought to add now after call upon this discussion.

Best regards,

[1] M. Pawlik and N. Augsten. RTED: a robust algorithm
for the tree edit distance. PVLDB, 5(4):334–345, 2011.
[2] P. Bille. A survey on tree edit distance and related
problems. Theor. Comput. Sci., 337(1-3):217–239, 2005.

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