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Subject: IRC log - ODF Collab SC call - 2017-06-14

Call Summary:
We went over several topics as the adoption of changes on the Apache ODF Toolkit (incubating) for text documents.
The status of the work on specification and their tooling.
We skimmed new features of PDF 2.0, which might be interesting for ODF and will move this discussion to the TC list.
Finally, we agreed to come up with a clear differentiator on the existing change-tracking to drive further adoption.

On the 12th of June will be our next meeting:

The teleconference login data for next call will be found in the OASIS calendar event:

[16:32] Svante Schubert: Hi everyone :D
[16:36] Svante Schubert: I got a talk on Friday about some minor sponsorship for the change concept on the Apache ODF Toolkit
[16:38] Svante Schubert: The idea this open Apache licensed Java library becomes a play ground for developers to test the concept
[16:38] Svante Schubert: The funding would be from September 2017 to February 2018 (including
[16:38] Svante Schubert: )
[16:40] Svante Schubert: Extending the project http://incubator.apache.org/odftoolkit/odfdom/index.html
[16:41] Svante Schubert: The change concept is only related for text in this project for now. Which suits our text change-tracking focus here in the SC.
[16:47] Svante Schubert: Topic Spec: We have the latest spec in a version control system. But we have no current version of the spec reflecting all fixed JIRA issues. Jos and Patrick build some set-up, where each change is committed sparately.
[17:01] Svante Schubert: In addition the tooling for the specification would need the XHTML (XSL) transformation, to constantly check if the XHTML version still looks good
[17:02] Svante Schubert: And other regression tests, like on default value extraction from our ODF specification to be certain that all character styles are set up correctly (and are kept this way)
[17:06] Svante Schubert: There had been interesting updates on signature and encryption on the new PDF 2.0 specification. They updated a lot of there formal references to use new versions and new algorithms. I need to come up with this topic on the TC list, when I got some references at hand..
[17:14] Svante Schubert: TOPIC CHANGE CONCEPT: Patrick said, we need to have a selling point a new value add, that the new change-tracking will be able to do.
[17:15] Patrick: To adopt the change concept behind the scenes and keep everything the same for the user will NOT drive adoption!
[17:15] Svante Schubert: I fully agree

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