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Subject: IRC log - ODF Collab SC call - 2017-11-01

Call Summary:
We talked about the update of our ODF Changes specification and my related presentation at the ODF Plugfest in Rome.

In more detail, that the specification is not inventing with the definition of changes something new, but is only defining what is already in our user's mind: The expectation how to change an ODF document by adding, deleting and modifying certain logical objects.
We agreed how the abstraction from the ODF XML is necessary to avoid complexity and noise. Bringing up the example how we are able to define one user change (e.g. page layout change for the 3rd paragraph) within a single atomic change, which otherwise might take up to 5 distributed changes across two XML files (content and styles XML). Finally, about the advantages of having an ODF run-time model based on this semantic model similar to the one HTML already has with its W3C DOM. Providing advantages of comparison of ODF applications by feature sets (slide 7), information of certain feature coverage among ODF applications (slide 8) and out-of-the-box automated tests for ODF by loading a test document and seeing instantly the result similar to the Web ACID tests (slide 9).

On the 15th of November will be our next meeting:

The teleconference login data for next call will be found in the OASIS calendar event:

 Patrick: hello
 Svante Schubert: Here is the Google Docs version of the latest draft: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JHNi6JXbJnj16CipkZhyk6kd5eDsVFZlrKuRZ4-_RyA/edit?usp=sharing
 Svante Schubert: Explaining how on the ODF Plugfest slides (page 11 & 12) one semantic change (changing the page layout on the 3rd paragraph) may be mapped to many ODF XML changes
 Svante Schubert: PDF available in the reminder mail earlier today and at http://conference.libreoffice.org/assets/Conference/Rome/Slides/LibreOfficeConf2017-SvanteSchubert.pdf
 Svante Schubert: A nice milestone would be to define changes on a paragraph.
 Svante Schubert: A paragraph is a text:p element, but not every text:p element is representing the user known paragraph feature.
 Svante Schubert: That feature allows to add paragraphs just beyond root level of the document, on top of the document.
 Svante Schubert: We would need to define what XML is being added/delete when a paragraph is being added/delete. What are the possible and minimum arguments for such a change, how a paragraph might be changed.
 Svante Schubert: It makes sense to define concepts such as styles, (paragraph) reference position of the change separately.
 Svante Schubert: ongoing discussions...

 Svante Schubert: Good-bye

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