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Subject: [office-comment] Heering about Handbook for Standardization

Handbook for Standardization by the danish XML Committee
Version: 1.0. Edition submitted to public review.

The guidelines in this Standardization Handbook, as well as the other 
Handbooks written for the XML-Project, are aimed at independent groups 
working on projects and activities that will culminate in a broad 
accessibility to governmentally administrated public sector information.

Published for hearing 3 february 2003
Hearing ends 3 march 2003

Comments are welcome from all interested parties and may be submitted to 
the secretariat of the danish XML Committee before 3 march 2003 att.: 
Mikkel Hippe Brun (mhb@schemaworks.com) and Erik Terp (eht@itst.dk).

Site about the heering:


Handbook for Standardization (872kB PDF):


I hope some of you have comments on this.

I would really like to see the OASIS Open Office XML Format TC submit 

Thanks in advance

The most enjoyable greetings
Claus Sørensen       Befri kontoret med en åben pakke - OpenOffice.org
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cs@openoffice.org    OpenOffice.org Onsdag - ugentlig dansk nyhedsbrev      
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