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office-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: cs@profoss.dk

I have a suggestion:

Include help information for the document.

For templates and documents that the user have to fill out or change it
would be a very good idea to have some help included in the file itself
which then can either be shown as a menu item under the Help menu, shown
as an (x)HTML page or implemted other ways.

This way you don't have to write help information in additional files or
in the information about the document under the File menu.

I am not a master of XML and writing standardization documents so I hope
someone can see the potential of having this as part of the standard and
implement it.

This feature could make the format superior to other office document

Thanks in advance.

The most enjoyable greetings
Claus Sørensen, ProFOSS, http://www.profoss.dk/index.en.php

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