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Subject: Suggest someone do a cross-comparison with Framemaker MIF

I would recommend that someone do a cross-comparison between
this format and Framemaker's MIF.  Or even better, convince Adobe
to join the group, and have them do the comparison.  Two reasons:

1. It'd be great if there could be a good translation back and
    forth to/from Framemaker.  There are a lot of Framemaker documents,
    so a translation would make it possible to bring more documents
    both in and out of Framemaker.  By doing this comparison, you
    can avoid gratuitous differences that would make conversion hard
    while having no reason to be there.
2. Many consider Framemaker to be the best program for publishing large
    documents.  Thus, a comparison with MIF is likely to reveal some
    weaknesses in the OOo data format, which you can then correct.
    I would presume that you'd get real insight from the comparison.

--- David A. Wheeler

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