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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Public Comment


comment-form@oasis-open.org wrote:
> Comment from: michael_bergstrom@hotmail.com
> Are you looking to unify XHTML and the new Open Office XML Format ?  There should be no distinction between the two, and web browsers could simply choose to ignore "accurate formatting directives" in order to display the document.  It would be a tragedy for the industry which would set us back another 40 years if the new Open Office Format cannot be considered to be a subsequent enhancement of XHTML.  There should be no distinction ever again between a document and a web document.

The text content contained in an Open Office document uses the same 
structure as XHTML, and even some names are the same as in XHTML. 
However, text content is not represented by XHTML. The reason for this 
is a follows:

Office applications offer a functionality that goes far beyond XHTML. 
This requires heavy extensions of XHTML, and includes adding a lot of 
attributes and child elements to XHTML elements. For this reason, the TC
took over only the structure and, where apropriate, the naming of XHTML, 
but did not embed and extent the XHTML schema itself. The TC did the 
same for instance with SVG.

> A pet peeve, I noticed in your list of requirements that you do not say "suitable for documents containing hyperlinks and function links e.g. emailto links".

Although it is not mentioned in the requirements, the Open Office 
specification has support for hyperlinks. Since a hyperlink is 
represented by an XLink, the URI contained in the link could not only 
contain http and file protocol URIs, but also mailto protocol URIs.

Best regards

Michael Brauer

OASIS Open Office TC chair

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