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Subject: Eliminate "text-numbered-paragraph", and are that many differenttypes really needed?

Section 2.3.1 discusses text documents, including the
text document content model, and defines a few
text-content types.  Obviously text-p is there for normal
text. I guess I can see the need to
separate the text-h (header) material to easily
identify headers (for outliners etc.). I can
_sort_ of see the use of text-list, thought perhaps
that should strictly be a style issue.

But I see no value in making text-numbered-paragraph
its very own type.  That should be a style setting.
Creating specialized types like this is asking for
trouble, I think.  The text describing them in 4.3.4
simply encourages this kind of thinking even further.

Also, there seem to be a lot of specialized types listed
here (text-user-index vs. text-object-index, for example).
Is there really a need for all of these to have their
own specialized types?  It doesn't seem very orthogonal.

--- David A. Wheeler

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