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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Public Comment

comment-form@oasis-open.org wrote:

>Comment from: knp_kuldeep@yahoo.com
>how to open xml file formate
>which application support to open xmls file formate?
>please reply me as soon as possible and oblige.
>thanking you.
Hi Kuldeep,

At the moment the only applications that support the OASIS/ISO Open 
Document file format are OpenOffice.org, Sun's StarOffice, and IBM's 
WorkPlace.  KOffice is working on full support of the OASIS format but 
has yet to release that version.  IBM's WorkPlace uses open source 
components from OpenOffice.org so i would expect their support for the 
OASIS file format to be excellent.

If all you need is to read/write an OASIS Open XML document, just go to 
http://OpenOffice.org and download a version for the computer platform 
your using.  The only cost is the time it takes to download.  OOo 
versions run on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and Solaris.

Hope this helps,

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