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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: sam.hiser@hiser-adelstein.com

Micheal, Lars, others on the TC-

Applause...Applause...for the work of this committee. 

I would like to offer a logo for OpenDocument.

It occurs that the various office applications offering OD -- OpenOffice, AbiWord, KOffice, to name the ones that come immediately to mind -- need to signal that there is something IMPORTANT INSIDE.

A logo for OpenDocument is needed and would ostensibly need to be hosted and governed by the OpenDocument TC and OASIS.  Rather than open a time-consuming debate or process, I propose to get a logo set and images professionally done and contributed for free under some appropriate license--perhaps the same one OpenDocument uses. 

OASIS could name the license, basis or protocol for the contribution.  I assume the artist would retain copyright.  Minimal overhead is necessary, etc.  

I hope you agree with me about the benefit/need of signaling that OpenDocument is a part of a software application.  In the context of OpenOffice, I feel OpenDocument is the single most important feature.

-Sam Hiser


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