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Subject: Re: [office-comment] OpenFormulas

Gary Edwards wrote:
> Hi David,
> Wow!  You're on fire.  I just want to duck low and get out of the way!

Haha! Thanks!

> We discussed the OpenFormula options at the Monday morning TC 
> conference.  There was general agreement that we ought to get out of the 
> way and let you push forward.

Thanks!  I've been working on a first cut.

> But we also think that we need to get 
> your proposals in front of the OOo and KOffice project people as soon as 
> you're ready.  Like everything else in the OASIS OpenDocument spec, we 
> try to get proposals in front of the application developers and beta 
> testers as soon as possible.

I agree. I want to have a little something so that there isn't
a blank slate (that's hard to work with), but I cannot possibly
do this alone.

> In fact, one of the things that came up this morning was the discovery 
> that both KOffice and OOo model their formulas after MS eXcel.

Actually, I already knew that.  Excel, in turn, was based on 1-2-3,
which was based on VisiCalc.

In fact, I think this makes the idea of creating a standard far
more tractable.

I'd be delighted to discuss all sorts of possibilities.
The goal in my mind is clear: to allow the exchange of formulas --
at least for typical spreadsheets and/or related office documents.

> You're working on a very unique and important gift to the world.  And 
> many thanks for including us.  Do we have your permission to bring in 
> our community experts and testers?

Of course!  In fact, this can't work without them.

--- David A. Wheeler

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