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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: fd0man@gmail.com

Name: Michael Trausch
Regarding Specification: OASIS OpenDocument v1.0

I have not seen anything regarding the embedding of font data into OpenDocument files in the standard.  I would like to suggest that the OpenDocument format be able to embrace this and standardize how it would store such data within the OpenDocument, and that it be optional data (as it can greatly increase the size of the document itself).  However, this type of functionality has been present in other office-suite formats for quite some time, and can be useful from time-to-time, as fonts that can be used to compose a document may not be present on other systems.  In rare cases, the exact font is required for the proper presentational effect when you have a publicly distributed document.

I do not know if this has previously been suggested or may be "in the works," and if there is no other demand for such a feature, then it would be a waste to implement.  However, I have come across the need to use it once in a while, and it would be helpful to have it supported in this amazing open format.

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