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office-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: horkana@tcd.ie

Name: Alan Horkan
Title: Mr.
Organization: Create Project at Freedesktop.org
Regarding Specification:  
We are exploring the defac to standards currently being used by various open source applications.  
We are also considering if new formats are needed and what they might be.  
The resources files used by OpenOffice (SOG for gradients for example) are presumably also part of OpenDocument.  They might serve as good basis for a common standard of resources files, applications could at least standardise on this subset of OpenDocument.  What we do urgently need to know is if support for other colour spaces such as CMYK has been considered.  (The reason for the urgency is that Scribus is going ahead and implementing what it needs, the other projects are sticking with what they have already.)

I hope you can help me get in touch with someone who has the necessary knowledge of the OpenDocument Draw specification so that we can discover if it meets our needs or if more needs to be done.  

Ideally we need someone with knowledge of the specification to get directly involved with the create project.  create@lists.freedesktop.org.


Alan Horkan

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