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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Public Comment

Péta Kenchington asked:

> As a computer user of some years [work and age] I was interested in reading about Open Doc. 
> My question is 'how does one use, download to a single computer etc.

OpenDocument is a specification, defining how to share information
between office suites & other programs that manipulate office suite data.

If you want to read and write OpenDocument files, all you need to do is to
use a program that does so.  If you use Windows or a Mac, I would suggest
looking at OpenOffice.org (http://www.openoffice.org).  They are in the final
stages of releasing their major new edition ("version 2"), and it looks very good.
It's also free. It's known that Corel is implementing OpenDocument in Word Perfect,
but it is not out at this time. If you use Linux, KOffice is a common alternative.

--- David A. Wheeler

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