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office-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: dennis.hamilton@acm.org

Name: Dennis E. Hamilton
Title: System Architect
Organization: NuovoDoc
Regarding Specification: OpenDocument v1.0

Section 1.3, in the paragraph before Table 1, mentions the prefixes in the first column as being "default prefixes."  

I don't think that is a term of art with regard to the XML Namespace specification, and it might lead people to think they are usable without xmlns specification or that they are even required to be used.  

The statement is understandable to those accustomed to namespaces, I suppose.  

I think it means something to the effect that *in* *this* *specification* QNames with prefix "office" are used to signify elements and attributes in the namespace identified by the URI "urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:
office:1.0" and so on.

I think a tighter definition is called for, to ward off the prospect of adopters thinking the QNames are fixed for ODF 1.0.  (I recall that this problem arose with WebDAV, and it would be great to avoid it here.)

[I don't know how one reconciles this with specific QNames and prefixes used in the RNG schema but that's too big a topic for this comment.  I am too ignorant of RNG to be able to say anything useful.]

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